Family Reichling

The name origin is not quite obvious. With higher likelyhood it is a patronymic name which is to be understood as a reshaping of the surname Reichlin which is due to the family name Richlin (typically for the Baden-Alemannic and Swiss language area): “Son of the Richlin”. Richlin might be a minimisation of Richard or a similar given name. With the oldest known forefathers of the Reichling line only few data are known. Historical events complicate the data acquisition there, at that time no records were kept or suitable documents were destroyed.

A assumption is that Johannes Philipp Reichling and his wife Anna from Switzerland have immigrated. After the 30-year-old war notice was given in many surrounding countries that the wasted Palatinate should be settled again. As an incentive tax concessions were served, also market rights, town rights and civil rights were promised. Bigger immigration waves – in particular in the front Palatinate – came from Switzerland. Other assumptions are Luxembourg or France.

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